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Just Us

Elsa Mickayla, Owen Li

Release Date:2020-04-24

The song tells the story of two friends conflicted by a fear that many of us may be familiar with - To risk losing their friendship and everything that comes along with it while pursuing their hearts, or to forever hold their silence and be content with regret? Such matters are not easy to tread. Guaranteed to evoke a range of emotions, allow Elsa and Owen to tug at your heartstrings with this wistful tune. 



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Woaah definite Ariana vibes here! Really digging the r&b and feel-good harmonies, and like the sense of wistfulness that's present even through those soaring runs👍🏼

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Reuben Sim

Full of really nice vocals! The music leaves lots of room for the voices to come through; especially from the bridge into the final chorus :)