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Release Date:2023-07-14

Following the success of his EP, 'Strange[r]’, in 2020, Indie-Folk Pop artist, KHAi, returns with his latest single, ‘Wonder’. The single will be available from 14 July 2023, Friday on all major digital streaming platforms. Known for his soulful singer-songwriter sensibilities, ‘Wonder’ is a heartfelt love song that reflects the introspective journey of an introverted and hesitant individual. Inspired by the innocence and wonder of childhood, KHAi brings a refreshing perspective to the complexities of love in this brand new single. The song captures the emotions and vulnerability of someone discovering love while battling their own fears. The meticulous attention to detail during the production phase showcases his commitment to crafting a soundscape that seamlessly intertwines with the poignant lyrics and melody, resulting in an immersive and authentic musical experience. Having already achieved notable success with previous releases including the all-time favourite pop serenader tune, ‘Victoria’ and ‘Wanderlust’, as well as fun bop ‘Jupiter’, KHAi constantly strives to evolve and master his craft in the Indie Folk Pop sector. The result, after a two-year hiatus, is a return with renewed focus and determination to create music that resonates deeply with himself and his audience. With the release of ‘Wonder’, KHAi hopes to touch the hearts of listeners and provide a relatable anthem for those navigating the complexities of love. This emotionally charged track promises to resonate with audiences and become a heartbreak anthem for those seeking solace in music. ‘Wonder’ will be part of KHAi’s upcoming EP, 'Navy Wishes' which marks a conceptual shift for the artist, and will be released later this year.



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