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Bakers In Space

Release Date:2022-04-08
Label:Maker Records

ABOUT THE EP The darker themed EP features heavier and harder hitting rhythms, paired with grittier biting guitar lines, a departure from their previous releases since 2017. “We had written our first EP ‘Implosions’ fresh out of graduating polytechnic almost 7 or 8 years ago and the tracks seemed to have no cohesiveness to a specific theme and so we set out to make MAGMA focus on one as a challenge for ourselves.” Eugene Soh, Frontman of Bakers In Space Lyrically, the EP focuses on rebuilding oneself in the mind and letting go of doubt, fear and inferiority people feel towards self-esteem and relationships. Its aim is to remind listeners that through the process of turning over a new page, it is important to acknowledge all past feelings before moving on to a better version of yourself. ABOUT THE BAND Bakers In Space is an indie rock band from Singapore formed in 2013. Through their love for a plethora of genres such as indie-rock, punk, and post-rock; the bands’ compositions comprises a mixture of thick distorted guitars, layered upon hard hitting drum beats alongside euphonious vocals from frontman Eugene Soh. The band wrote and recorded their sophomore EP “MAGMA” in 2019, expecting to perform and make a return to the local scene in 2020 after laying low in 2018/2019. However, these plans were put on hold due to Covid-19. The collection of songs now formed an even deeper emotional significance to the band, like a volcano waiting to erupt. With the EP aptly titled “MAGMA”, the quartet hopes to portray an imagery of anticipation for their fans and supporters who have been eagerly awaiting for their monumental comeback.



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