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Miss U Not

Myra Choo, Natalia Touche, Sandrina Sitohang

Release Date:2021-08-06
Label:at_the_beat studio



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Lee Jia Wen

Super funky and a chip-tuney vibe, I love the breakdown with the strings! It caught my attention and stood out like nasi lemak in the USA.

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Honestly amazing that I have friends capable of such high level music production. Extremely catchy song and I especially loved the violin’s role in the song, which have been quite sparse in pop songs recently.

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Miss U Not takes everything you love about a staple R&B song, and adds just enough spice to make it stand out. From the distinctive intro all the way to its bold ending, the song is imbued with the style that I've come to know and love from Myra's work. Myra has clearly honed her technique in arranging the violin in pop/R&B tracks. The violin blends masterfully with the rest of the instruments and synths! That is saying nothing yet of the beautifully composed interlude section that alludes to her classical background, adding yet another refreshing layer of flavour.

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