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Mood Swings

GOK$, Kenzo

Release Date:2020-09-23

Mood Swings started out with me wanting to sonically take a step forward from the sound of my previous EP, which mainly relied on internet type beats. I had the intention of wanting to carve my own space within the local hip-hop scene and therefore, wanted to create an original sound that better reflected how I wished to express myself through music. The project represents a year-long conversation I had with Kenzo on the kind of weird, experimental sounds and concepts I wanted to incorporate. On the beats alone, there was a lot of feedback and sharing between us. We would sit down in front of Ableton for hours, creating weird sounds and loops, and then figuring out how to fit them in the bigger picture. There were several times where the beats had to get outright scrapped because they didn’t work in the context of the project! When the beat worked, though, it felt both surreal and satisfying at the same time (OMNI was the first one where we felt we hit something special). All 5 songs featured on the Mood Swings EP have given us that feeling, one way or another. They also represent my own relationship with the need to express myself and the highs and lows I had gotten from doing so; where there were moments of absolute confidence, and times wrought with self-doubt (hence the name Mood Swings). As proud as we are of the EP, this is just the first step of a long creative journey between two friends. We very much hope that we would get to create something bigger in the near future - but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy Mood Swings.



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