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Release Date:2018-04-27

‘ONE’ is a funk and RnB driven collection of personal love stories. The band explores themes of rejection (I’m No Good), falling in love (Kryptonite), and passion (Do You Wanna, Kick It). After a particularly bad breakup, singer Ben Jacob fuelled his feelings of inadequacy and spite into the self-aware bad-boy anthem ‘I’m No Good’, the first single off ‘ONE’. To put together the rest of the EP, the band dug into the repertoire of originals they’ve written and arranged over the past 2 years. ‘Do You Wanna’ was the first song the band wrote together, while ‘Kick It’ and ‘Kryptonite’ cemented the Astronauts’ brand of soulful funk in this collective work. ‘ONE’ is ironically, a few things - a collective representation of the band’s first body of work together, an exploration of love in pursuit of The One and perhaps no less important, it’s about letting loose and having fun.



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