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Let Go (On The Floor)

Poh Chin

Release Date:2020-07-03

"Let Go (On the Floor)" is a reggae-inspired pop tune about not letting one's inner fears and hesitation stop them from setting out and doing what they want. It symbolises being on the dance floor as being released from the chains we restrain ourselves in. This song features catchy hooks that begin the moment the song plays and the song is energetic from the start to the end. This song will be the first of the few standalone singles that I plan to release throughout the rest of this year.



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Kian Hui

Poh Chin’s new single, Let Go (On the Floor) is extremely suited for the summer season at the moment! The typical elements of Reggae music- a pronounced percussion, a hook-ish chorus and the general upbeat quality of the song- are all included in here. The rap in the second verse sounds almost like it is being sung in the higher octave, giving the song even more energy and brightness than if it were done conventionally in his lower octave voice. Poh Chin has again shown us his beautiful Baritone voice, belting out a really powerful G4 at the final chorus, where tenor singers would fail to produce such a highly energised sound. All in all, Poh Chin’s new single is really catchy, and super addictive after just a couple of listens!