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Stay up till I sleep


Release Date:2021-02-19
Label:Parlour Records



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Multi-instrumentalist Jaye dropped his new single ‘Stay up till i sleep’ last week. The song is a ballad that speaks about his struggles with insomnia and the impact it has had on his wife. ‘I love it when you stay up till I sleep, I hate it when you stay up till I sleep’ A soft accompaniment under Jaye’s smooth voice draws you in immediately and his lyrics paint a picture that is outlined by the hooks in his melodies. Jaye has never shied away from showing his emotions in his work and the music video for ‘Stay up till I sleep’ truly embellishes the song as he takes you into his world. To top it off, you’ll get to see him strutting some moves in the video too. Stay up till I sleep is a complete vibe, one that could certainly be up there with the likes of Travis Scott and Future. Don’t take my word for it, check it out, see what you think.