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together pt. 1

evanturetime, Eiji John Mitsuta

Release Date:2022-02-11

Following a string of love-themed singles since ‘You’ with Tim De Cotta and Vandetta, Singaporean award-winning music producer, evanturetime has announced the release of ‘together pt. 1’. This brand-new single will be made available on 11 February 2022, Friday, on all major digital streaming platforms, just in time for Valentine’s Day, or for anyone who is simply in the mood for love. The single, ‘together pt. 1’ explores the meaning of unconditional love and what it means to evanturetime. Working together with his two long-time collaborators, singer-songwriter Linying, as well as composer Eiji John Mitsuta, the single is thoughtfully and lovingly put together, blending both the music producer’s wife’s love for Linying’s vocals, as well as her love for K-Drama and K-Pop - elements from which the music producer himself has put his own spin on. “People write love songs for their partners. I figured why not do the same, but let’s make it an EP instead. My work is essentially made up of audible timestamps in my life that I can fondly look back on. Finding a partner in life, getting married, to even entering this brand new chapter of life together, is a major life event that I want to commemorate. This is my grand gesture of love,“ evanturetime explains. "This song represents love in it’s purest form. The strings are the signature sound of romance and with the fluidity of the water-like harp. Like water, love takes no shape or form. It is the embodiment of being "together," as borderless as the vast ocean, " Eiji John Mitsuta adds. ‘together pt. 1’ will be part of evanturetime’s upcoming EP. February will see the music producer sharing parts of a short story, of the single ‘together pt. 1’ on his social media platforms, and rounding up with a behind-the-scenes lyric video of an orchestra performance by Eiji John Mitsuta. evanturetime’s EP is slated for release in March 2022. The series of songs that make up the EP are dedicated to the newly wed’s wife, in celebration of their marriage. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.



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