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When the World Falls Under (feat. LAYYI)


Release Date:2022-01-21

I wrote this song last year after spending a whole night out alone in the city till dawn came. While wandering around, lying down in the middle of the empty street by the town area, and all sorts of stuff, I started to picture the world ending and wondered, “what is it exactly that would matter to us if the world were to end?” I started seeing the skyscrapers all around me falling apart and the next thing I knew, I saw her there. Standing there. And that was when I realised, I don’t quite think anything would matter anymore. Because what else can we do in this world, but to love? I hope this song strikes a conversation between people and their loved ones, and I hope it helps people wonder like how it did for me, on what really matters to you most when you love someone, if anything really matters when we are given such limited time to be alive.



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