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You're No Good


Release Date:2021-07-09

‘You’re No Good’ came about when I finally realized that a friend whom I thought was nice and respectable was not good for me and my mental health. I exploded with sass recording the song with a “screw you, I don’t need you anyway” kind of attitude. In the production I emphasized the bass and the thumpy-sounding toms because I want the beat to be strong and impactful. I went all out in the bridge and outro (1:50 onwards) and those are my friends' favorite parts.



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Ted Moss

HALAN has released her 3rd dance pop single this year and she never fails to disappoint. This one is a complete banger with 80's vibes and a retro disco sound that keeps you at the edge of your seat bouncing away. The attitude of the vocals in this song are killer and memorable, and the bridge absolutely slams and came as a surprise. As an artist who only released her first song a year ago (and all produced, written and sung by her) I'm blown away and I'm just stoked to hear more from her!

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Austin Norris

With its energetic bassline and maximum-sass vocals, You're No Good first grabs your attention and then demands a bodily reaction to its punchy beats. Equally appropriate for a summer pool party or out on the dance floor, HALAN's defiant-sounding latest single is a bumping celebration of dumping toxic relationships from your life. Atop the throwback instrumentals, HALAN's signature vocal flourish comes out with the full force of someone crossed one-too-many times. Make no mistake -- HALAN has "done it to me one more time" -- but the only fools here are those sleeping on this fun-packed track.