Hear65's music video guide (January 2023) — ft. Gen Neo, Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng, Tanya Chua, and more

Hear65's music video guide (January 2023) — ft. Gen Neo, Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng, Tanya Chua, and more

When it comes to music, music videos are important supplements to what we can hear as they stimulate our visual senses in a way that sound cannot.

From creative homemade projects to cinematic works that beg to be seen on a big screen, all forms of music videos are released by Singapore's talented musicians seeking to extend the stories told in their songs every month. In this monthly series, we will be rounding up the latest releases from our sunny island that might fly under the radar. 

Check out Hear65's guide to local music videos for January and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!

Gen Neo ft. DeVita - Like California

Released: 10 January 2023

Gen Neo turns on his inner swag and charisma as he cruises along on a motorbike and stuns against neon backgrounds in a music video for his first English collaboration single with AOMG's DeVita showcasing the R&B artists' immaculate blend of voices in a catchy, contemporary R&B dance track. 

Ruth Kueo ft. OHMYMEITING - 最好的我 

Released: 9 January 2023

Ruth Kueo and OHMYEITING star in this simple yet delightful music video for their collaborative number '最好的我'. Watching the vocalists sing, dance, and just have fun in a flower-filled room will almost certainly lift the spirits of anyone who has just had a rough day. 

Ah Girls & Ah Boys - 兔gether, High 到爆

Released: 9 January 2023

The casts of Jack Neo's popular Ah Girls Go Army and Ah Boys to Men films join forces in this explosive music video for their Lunar New Year track '兔gether, High 到爆'. Featuring fun and easy-to-learn choreography, the video is perfect for those who would like to inject some energy into their festive celebrations. 

Tanya Chua - 別讓愛停擺Love Will Empower Your Life

Released: 5 January 2023

A feel-good visual accompaniment to Tanya Chua's '別讓愛停擺Love Will Empower Your Life', this music video further reinforces the track's message about the importance of spreading love to those around you. 

Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Marcus Chin, and more - ONE兔

Released: 5 January 2023

Join King Kong Media Production's Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Marcus Chin, Jaspers Lai, Chiou Huey, and Chase Tan in their joyous celebrations for the Lunar New Year! Chances are you, 兔 (too), will be dancing along to the song's catchy choreography and infectious tunes by the end of the music video. 

Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng - 我们是... ... 

Released: 4 January 2023

Draped in traditional costumes and transitioning to modern-day fashion, artists Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng team up with the Singapore Chinese Culture Centre for a rap single that showcases every unique feature about Chinese individuals living in sunny Singapore.

Desmond Tan, Chantalle Ng, Tasha Low, and more  - 哈皮兔和春风赛跑

Released: 3 January 2023

Mediacorp stars Desmond Tan, Chantalle Ng, Tasha Low, Romeo Tan, He Ying Ying, and Fang Rong welcome spring in a joyful music video that celebrates the gathering of friends and loved ones for the forthcoming Lunar New Year.

Kawasxmi - 旦旦歌 The Egg Song

Released: 1 January 2023

The lighthearted and refreshing accompanying music video for singer-songwriter Kawasxmi's first Mandarin single brings to life a fictional egg character and showcases its whimsical adventures through a fairytale-esque wonderland.