Highlights of the *SCAPE Invasion Youth Music Awards 2020

Highlights of the *SCAPE Invasion Youth Music Awards 2020

Yesterday (30/03), *SCAPE Invasion Singapore held the second edition of the Youth Music Awards to celebrate the contributions made by our talented pool of artists. While the event had to be livestreamed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, host Joakim Gomez kept things light-hearted while rappers Abangsapau and Boro Bhaiya injected excitement with their live performances. 

On planning Youth Music Awards 2020 in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic, Hyder Albar, the founder of Invasion Singapore, had this to say: “It has been an uphill battle in planning Youth Music Awards 2020, there have been countless changes to the programme because of COVID-19 but I am proud to say that the team at *SCAPE and INVASION SINGAPORE have taken every challenge in stride and adapted to each situation for a positive outcome." He further shared that this year saw 2,038 song nominations, a significant leap from the 758 nominations received last year. 

"In these uncertain times I am glad that we can still go ahead with our intent of recognising the next generation of music talents in Singapore. Congratulations to the winners of YMA 2020, we are glad to share this milestone in your journey of development as an artist," he added.

Goh Kok Wee, executive director of *SCAPE Co. Ltd, echoes this sentiment: "*SCAPE continues our efforts to grow Youth Music Awards, an important music platform where our creative youth talents could showcase, be recognised; and importantly to connect with other youths and the industry (...) Together with our partner, INVASION SG, *SCAPE looks forward to supporting our youths’ journey in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.”

Check out the full list of winners below.

Best Song To Wake Up To

Yung Raja - 'Mad Blessings' 

See what Yung Raja has to say below. 

Best Song To Chill Out To 

 YAØ - 'Love & City Lights'

See what YAØ has to say below.

Best Song To Sing Along To 

Benjamin Kheng - 'Wicked' 

See what Benjamin Kheng has to say below. 

Best Feel Good Song 

Annette Lee - 'Song For The Underdog'

See what Annette Lee has to say below. 

New Kid On The Block

Advaitha - 'Apologise'

See what Advaitha has to say below. 

Best Cover Artist

M Drako 

See what M Drako has to say below. 

Best Song To Break Up To

Narelle - 'Blue' 

See what Narelle has to say below. 

Best Song To Fall In Love To 

Lew ft Joie Tan - 'Red Flags'

See what LEW has to say below. 

Best Song To Study To 

Daniel Sid - 'Greener Grass'

See what Daniel Sid has to say below. 

Best Song To Party To

Boro Bhaiya - 'BENGALI SAUCE'

See what Boro Bhaiya has to say below. 

Best Song To Rock Out To

Din's List - 'To The Light'

See what Din's List have to say below. 

Vibe Of The Year


See what GARETH FERNANDEZ has to say below.

Earworm Of The Year 

Estelle Fly - 'Love Like This'

See what Estelle Fly has to say below.