What Singaporean music best fits your personality? Take our quiz and find out

What Singaporean music best fits your personality? Take our quiz and find out


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Emotionally raw, empowering and empathetic — we picked three songs off Ffion's first EP Bad Habits that perfectly encapsulated these traits: 'Rumours', the perfect opener to not only Ffion's EP, but also our playlist, 'I Miss U', the first song Ffion wrote for her EP and 'With U', inspired by Ffion's favourite story.
Read the full explanation on the inspiration behind the songs of the EP here.

Gentle Bones

Stirring, oblique and soulful — words one would use to describe Gentle Bones. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to the music scene, having catapulted to fame with his R&B-tinged tracks, encapsulating heartfelt lyrics about unrequited love, bad breakups and professing your love from the rooftops, evident in the tracks we've chosen - 'Until We Die', 'Settle Down' and 'Geniuses and Thieves'.

Sam Rui

On her work, the R&B songstress once said: "I don't like Taylor Swift, but I think I've turned into her." Sam Rui bares it all in her debut album Season 2: a collection of ten tracks reflecting feelings of romantic vulnerability and resentment, of which we've picked 'Better', 'Down' and 'Solid Gold' - tracks released as singles prior to the album's launch, giving the perfect introduction to Sam Rui. 

Subsonic Eye

Shoegaze, dream-pop group Subsonic Eye's debut album Strawberry Kisses is an album "written and recorded out of teenage angst, lust and growing up". Check out 'Sunkissed Skin', 'Cosmic Realignment' and 'Illiterate Stars' below to see what we mean.

HOPELESS ROMANTIC's hymns for rainy days:


Disco Hue

'80s inspired, synth-pop band Disco Hue have lyrics as catchy as their melodic hooks. Their distinctive retro sound can be found in all their tracks, of which we've listed 'I'll Be Waiting' and 'Gotta Find You'. The band collaborated with rapper Akeem Jahat this year for their single 'Plastic Hearts', but despite the difference in genres, the band has managed to remain true to their retro, 80s sound. 

Jasmine Sokko 

Jasmine Sokko's debut EP N°  is a collection of five stunning, electronic, pop tracks, all representation of different kinds of grief for an out-of-place identity, commiserated with soaring synth-pop production. We've included her debut single, '1057' which topped Spotify's Singapore Viral 50 chart, her most streamed track thus far '600D', and her final single off her debut album '#0000FF'.


Laid-back, understated and empowered by groove: Sezairi's music can perk up the most curmudgeonly person on a work day. '70s' and 'Fire to The Floor' features Sezairi's signature upbeat sound, although it's not always sunshine and rainbows - 'Broken' tells of heartbreak, with lyrics like "And I know I never told you that I love you, now it's all too late. And I don't know how to hold you, but I want to, I don't want to leave this way." - still fairly optimistic, if you ask us.


Of songs about latent, low-key angst and love, Sobs employs some of the catchiest hooks you'll ever hear from a band, mixed in with a whirlwind of twinkly guitars and a dose of lo-fi urgency - these elements all present in their most streamed tracks 'Girl', 'Hunchback' and 'Catflap'.

Good vibes only for SUNSHINE SOUNDS:


Charlie Lim

Charlie understands the affairs of the heart better than any singer-songwriter in Singapore — it's with his double-EP Time & Space that balances his hefty worldly insight with an emotional resonance that is relatable and oh so addictive. Tracks 'Knots', 'Choices' and 'I Only Tell The Truth' off his album TIME/SPACE all, very easily, embody the melancholy for Charlie to be pronounced the "Master of Melancholia". 


JAWN's distinct earnestness and lyrical restraint makes him the epitome of a Melancholic Mel - his debut self-titled EP, of which we've chosen numbers 'Fade to Black', 'There's All There Is!' and 'Gold' is reflective of that - I mean, there's a reason why he's dubbed Singapore's John Mayer, right?


Linying's voice has a bewitching ability to make you feel right at home - there's something for everyone, somewhere in between all the minor notes and melancholia. 'Sticky Leaves' remains Linying's top track that catapulted her to fame, so it's no wonder that we've put in it our playlist; though 'Alpine' and 'Paris 12' do just as good of a job, if not better, at showcasing Linying's lush vocals laced within oblique, poetic lyricism.

Nathan Hartono

"I'm giving you all the love / come on over" - lyrics off 'Electricity' - just like a siren's mating call, the breezy, pop-infused stylings of Nathan Hartono is giving us all the feels, whether he's 'Thinkin About Love' or not.




M1LDL1FE, previously known as Take Two, rebranded themselves with a new name and sound, citing a change in personality. M1LDL1FE pick up where Take Two left off as one of the best local talents Singapore has to offer, with songs like 'Distraction', 'How You Forget Me', and 'Super Algorithm Digital Me'.


Stopgap is one of Singapore's brightest bands with a long, fulfilling career ahead of them, as they pump out infectious grooves, with lead singer, Adin's captivating vocals and intricate drumming in 'Nervous', 'Bender' and 'A Tough Nut to Crack' , all of which feature uptempo beats.

The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows are one of the biggest names in the local music scene, and for good reason, they’re as talented as they come. They’re also one of the elite local bands who have sold out concerts here, if that’s any indication of just how big they are. Of folk, indie and pop sounds, check out 'Take Heart', 'Keep Me Jealous' and 'All Time High', which we've included in our playlist below.


Rapper, producer and songwriter, THELIONCITYBOY is fresh off his latest album Paradise after topping the iTunes charts and hitting the Spotify Viral 50 Singapore charts. The Singaporean musician taps on his local roots in his chart-topping music such as the radio favourite 'YAYA' and others such as 'Light It For Me' and 'All Night'.

Pumped-up positivity for a PERKY PEACH: