Singapore Music Reviews: Astronauts, Vandetta, Masia One, Dirty Perfect, P_NEDA, and Tides

Singapore Music Reviews: Astronauts, Vandetta, Masia One, Dirty Perfect, P_NEDA, and Tides

Last week, we celebrated the latest songs from the canon of Made In Singapore music to reach the ether. Now, we dig deeper into our national anthems with a critical eye. Read our review of the latest songs by Astronauts, Vandetta, Masia One, Dirty Perfect, P_NEDA, and Tides.

Vandetta – ‘Love’

Love is something that can bring about much impact on someone, yet it is, ironically, intangible and unmeasurable. In ‘Love’, Vandetta shares her feelings of appreciation for the special bond she shares with her partner in a soulful lo-fi R&B format. With this track, she takes us through the pair’s love story, from the time of their first meeting to current times.

“I’m lovin’ you / I’m lovin’ you / I want you all the time / I’m so happy that you’re mine,” Vandetta’s strong, golden voice expresses, recognising the effort put in by her partner. The song is an immensely beautiful and moving piece of music that highlights the positive qualities of loving someone, being loved by someone, and being in love. Although this song is shared on the public domain of the Internet, ‘Love’ is Vandetta looking her lover in the eye in an intimate and adoring fashion.

Masia One and C.O.W. 牛 – ‘General Ling ft. Supa Mojo, General Ling’

The Far East Empress has joined forces with the German-Chinese electronic group C.O.W. 牛 in ‘General Ling’. With the addition of Supa Mojo and General Ling herself, this epic track embodies the strong, no-nonsense quality of the Dajie (大姐, which means “big sister” in Mandarin), making it an invincible anthem of female empowerment.

‘General Ling’ opens with a rallying cry in Mandarin that translates to, “We are gathered here today, at the brink of earth's existence. The only thing that we have left is our soul and purity”. What follows is a series of bars delivered in English and Mandarin by the girls with a flow that is simply deadly. It paints a picture of an oncoming war – one that will be fought and won by the Dajies of the world.

Astronauts - ‘Come Callin’’

Following a wildly successful first EP, ONE, Astronauts is back with a charming double release Come Callin’ / No Pretense. Expect to be serenaded with lyrics like “Ain’t no stopping ain’t no stalling / Gonna run when you come callin’ / Gotta find a way to be there with you” as the quartet lives up to the promise that their latest releases will be their “best lurve songs yet”.

Astronauts have moved away from the sound they started out with but ‘Come Callin’’ is still a testament to the band’s immense fidelity to fresh, funky, and soulful music. In this groovy R&B track, Astronauts presents an intentionally laid-back sound and whisks us away to an immersive soundscape of feel-good romance.


P_NEDA’s latest EP, Play This For Me, is stuffed to the brim with heartbreak.

Part of an independent collective, UGLY BOYS, the rapper consistently proves his versatility and dedication to constant evolution in his music with every track he puts out. Influenced by Hip-hop and R&B artists such as Travis Scott and Frank Ocean, as well as bands like The Smiths, P_NEDA’s brand of indie rap is tinged with loneliness and whole-heartedly embraces themes of grief and the transcendence of pain.

This EP marks a shift towards a softer image. As the most vulnerable track on the list, ’Hotel Heartbreak’ is the rapper’s attempt to use honesty as a tool for healing. P_NEDA hangs his heart out on his sleeve as he croons about an end to love, sombrely reminding the world that heartache is a universal experience.

Dirty Perfect - ‘Tell Me’

Dirty Perfect is an infectious rocking machine that sets out to bring the house down with smashing guitar riffs and intense drum smash-downs. The ambitious trio embarks on a fresh start with a dedication to a compelling sound that combines the most iconic elements of funk, soul, and blues.

Leading in with melodic riffs that persist throughout the track, ’Tell Me’ only gets increasingly packed with layers of sound and peaks at the electrifying solo with the guitarist and bassist rocking it out in tandem. The band tirelessly carries the energy all the way to the end before closing this headbanger with a punch.

Tides – ‘Endless’

"Despite all the things that we’ve been through / I never once said that I’d leave you / To suffer alone / To suffer in silence”

In everyone’s lives, there comes a time when things get too much, when the weight of the world is coming down hard. In such circumstances, it is easy to forget that you are loved, cared for, and not alone. And what makes things worse is that when one feels that way, it is not easy to convince themselves otherwise.

‘Endless’ is Tides’ way of telling anyone who’s facing a difficult period in their lives that they will not go through the dark tunnel alone. It is a promise to anyone that are in the throes of darkness that they will not have to go through their crises alone, and that they will make it out alive as long as they never stop trying.