Dear Mama: Singaporean musicians dedicate local songs to their mothers

Dear Mama: Singaporean musicians dedicate local songs to their mothers

A mother's role is sacred and irreducible. For most of us, the debut owed to the woman who brought us into and  through the world can never be repaid. Which is why, we should grasp at every at every opportunity to give thanks and express our gratitude in a sincere and meaningful way.

This Mother's Day, we spotlight nine Singaporean musicians who'd like to dedicate a local song to their mothers. The gift of music is a powerful and poignant thing – it speaks on a deeper, non-verbal level.

Read on for what song and why the nine inspired musicians have dedicated to their mothers. And to all the mothers who are reading this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Boon Hui Lu

I would like to dedicate ‘Kepler’ by Stefanie Sun to my mum on this very special day. Just like ‘Kepler’, I found the star that brings me happiness. My mom is my superstar. She provides me with immense warmth and care and, with that, I am always loved and blessed. Like how a star burns itself to light up the world for others, my mum has sacrificed so much to give her children the best life that she could afford. Her generosity towards her children taught me to be someone giving and helpful to the people that I love and to the society. I am proud of who I am today and I’ll never forget that these values and virtues that I have today all started with my mum. So the very least I can do for her is to let her know that she is appreciated and, of course, to let her know that I love her and always will be.


This Mother’s Day, I’d like to dedicate ‘Mama’ by Alif to my mother. I really love the song. It was released at the time he was breaking out as a solo artist, having been from Sleeq before. The song has so much emotion and love. It inspired me to write my own songs. Shouts out Alif and shouts out my mother and all the mothers out there who have always loved their children. That selfless, unconditional love is a beautiful thing.


I would pick ‘Flights of Fancy’ by one of our greatest bands ever, West Grand Boulevard, who championed an era of sound and storytelling. They are great songwriters. This song has always hit home for me because my mum has an average of 20 years left since she's 50+ now. This song will always remind me of the times I've had as well as the times I wished we had, as well as the experiences I wish I shared.

Ysa Yaneza

This is probably an odd choice because it’s an NDP song but this song holds a special place for me and my mum. The year this song came out, was the year my family immigrated to Singapore, and my mum was the reason for the move. She’s such a hard-working and determined woman that it gave our family an opportunity of a lifetime. She keeps me grounded but also encourages me to reach new heights. Happy Mother’s Day!


I feel that my mother gave me a lot of freedom growing up. She allowed me to make a lot of mistakes and that’s when I truly grew to be a stronger person. And when days are hard or when I make bold choices that make life uncertain, she will never lecture me but instead assure me that things will work out fine. 

She is always so giving and kind. There was this time when she told me she prays everyday and not only for me but also for my musician friends, that people will enjoy and appreciate the music we create.


The one constant in my life has always been the strength of my mother. She has always proven to be a fighter, regardless of the challenges placed in front of her – I’ve learned to draw strength from that. My family’s been through quite a bit in the past five years but she’s been our guiding light through it all.

Emily Sera of Coming Up Roses

I would say, 'Through Your Eyes’ by MICappella, is a pretty touching song for all mothers this Mother’s Day. I think they wrote it especially for Mother’s Day this year and I love the way the song was nostalgically written.

With that said, I would personally like to dedicate ‘The Tired Club’ by Subsonic Eye to all mothers out there! I think that mothers have one of the hardest job in the world and while the song can be interpreted as a mother giving comfort to her children, I think I would rather interpret it as us children giving back to our mums and comforting them from their long hours of being a full time mum! Everything is cyclical, and since our mothers took care of us when we were young, it’s now time for us to take care of them! Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there!


I would like to dedicate my song ‘不再哭泣 (No Longer Cry)’ to my mum! I wrote this song to thank everyone who has encouraged and helped me in my music journey, which has allowed me to keep moving forward despite the obstacles. My mum is definitely one of the most important people in my life who gave me strength!

Both my parents were from choir, and they love to sing. They sent me for piano lessons from young, sparking my interest in music. My mum was educated in music as well, so she would always spend time with me on my music theory homework, patiently addressing my doubts. I remember, there were many times when I wanted to give up because I was losing interest or getting stressed but she believed in me and didn’t allow it. Thank goodness she was firm, if not I wouldn’t have persevered and gotten my grade 8 certificate! My mum loves to sing and even won several singing competitions; she was going places with her talent but she gave it up for my family. Thank you mum for supporting my passion in music – I hope to do you proud!


I dedicate ‘Kopitiam Kaki’ by The Glad Stones because this was the first song of mine that my mum (and dad) ever got up from their seats and danced to – in public. I remember it clearly, seeing her slowly get up (mind you, she is in her late 70s) and proceeded to do a little boogie on the spot with a smile from cheek to cheek! I felt, at that moment, she was genuinely proud of me and accepted me doing music full time. It was emotional and euphoric at the same time. I love you so much mama!