Spotify revamps Singaporean music playlists for you to feel at home with

Spotify revamps Singaporean music playlists for you to feel at home with

Whether you're looking for a new earworm or some fresh local tunes to jam to, search no further. 

Spotify launched its new and revamped Singapore-specific playlists to showcase the growing music scene and its rising talents. With an eclectic mix of local languages, the tracks represent the unique and emerging sounds from Singaporean artists. 

"We’re focused on helping fans discover more Singaporean artists, genres and songs and to connect local talents to fans in Singapore and beyond,” said Boon Ken Wong, Spotify's Asia Team Lead for Music Culture & Editorial.

Take a short vacation to Malaysia with Causeway Trends as you discover the tunes that Singaporeans and Malaysians are listening to. Be sure to catch Benjamin Kheng's latest single 'Lovers Forever', Fariz Jabba and OmarKENOBI’s 'Kalah', and other global hits in this playlist. 


Refresh your list of local favourites as you listen to Rising 65, which features up and coming Singaporean acts like R&B and Electro-pop trio HE1ST and their debut single, 'Shape of Your Love' as well as familiar faces such as Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim with their latest duet, 'Two Sides'.


Bask in nostalgia with Garden Essentials, a multi-language collection of Singapore's OG artists such as Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, Linying, Of Methodist, .gif, and Caracal. 

Browse more music from Singaporean artists across genres, decades, and languages on Hear65's Discover section, powered by Spotify.