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Be Yourself

Cheryl Cecilia

Release Date:2021-01-01



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Be Yourself is an anthem, a celebration of the diversity of individuals as much as it is a celebration of togetherness and acceptance. The song brings across one message very clearly, to be yourself, or more importantly, not be afraid to be yourself. It is an important statement, especially in a world where anything that falls short of societal standards is looked down upon. This song is for anyone who is uncertain about themselves, anyone who is insecure, anyone who is not confident in who they are, anyone who has been hurt by the words of others, anyone who has been judged, and even, anyone who judges. This is a song for everyone, this song is an education the world needs right now.

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I love how the song cover was designed. Futhermore, the song really gives me a confidence boost. It is a great song to listen to when you feel that you were being criticised, because why should we be ourselves and do what makes us happy.

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qian jie

Nice song and very relatable 👍👍😂