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Release Date:2021-05-21

'day/dreams' is an album about yearning, loss, sleeplessness & dreaming. The album features a variety of genres, from Alt Hip-Hop to Indie Folk to Alt Rock, but is tied together by yams' signature vocal style and writing. The album is fourteen tracks long and approximately 43 minutes in length. "what does it mean to grow up in a place where your day job will always be opposed to your dream? what does it mean to dream, as a nation, as an individual – as an artist, as a son? day/dreams is an album of songs centred around imperfect oppositions – day and dream, leaving and loving, runaway and home. the album’s narrative flits through a string of day-dreams, capturing different experiences of dreams: of love, loss, sleeplessness and stasis. through expressing his struggles with doubt, dreams, stress and system, the artist paints his experience of growing up somewhere you're not sure you belong."



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Scott Chua

day/dreams is the heartbreaking/healing story of a son caught between his father, Singapore, and his absent mother, also Singapore. yams captures in rhythmic voice the unique pain of staying despite, of loving despite. Yet yams reminds us that dreams are not a temporary escape from the pain, but rather the only way forward. If I could give this album more than 100 I would. My god.