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Release Date:2020-08-21

‘inconsistent’ is an EP about struggle, darkness, love, and what it takes to get through a dark night. Taking lush R&B beats and fraying them around the edges, yams’ genre-bending EP paints evocative stories with smooth vocals and upbeat rap verses.



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Kit Ling

'inconsistent' pulls you in and packs a punch - yams takes you on what feels like a soaring journey through hope, hardship, struggle, and love. At times we witness his raw & powerful vulnerability, and at other moments we're his friend listening to him playfully tell us about his latest crush. Through a masterful blend of vocals, tight & upbeat rap verses, clean lyricism, and soulful vocals, we see many sides of yams, but also get a chance to see what he sees and feel what he feels - it's a journey of yearning and hope, and one absolutely worth joining yams for.

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Scott Chua

inconsistent is not so much an album as it is a soundscape which yams prunes, as a gardener transforms a brambly bush into a dinosaur with a pair of shears, into a heartache which is at once very certainly his but somehow also very much my own.