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Vivien Yap

Release Date:2019-07-12

After the episodic releases of her two singles (‘Part II’ and ‘Everything Stays’), ‘Fables’ is the conclusive collection of five love stories set in reality but re-told into melancholic fantasy. A 5-track concept EP by Vivien Yap, ‘Fables’, echoes the makings of a classic volume of fairy tales. Produced by Bani Hidir (LEW, Joie Tan, 53A), the EP features lyrically-forward pop songs set to the backdrop of cinematic sound scaping. The EP’s focus track ‘Lonely Lovers’ is a song about a love that shouldn't exist by the book and the gut-wrenching inability to let it go, 'Lonely Lovers' is the heart-wrenching finale to the bittersweet tales of 'Fables'.



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