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The Spot

Vivien Yap

Release Date:2020-05-29
Label:Where Are The Fruits

Vivien Yap introduces the newest addition to her catalogue of music with ‘The Spot’. Vivien’s latest release puts melancholy aside and shifts its focus onto the innocence and light-heartedness of frivolous romance. Reminiscent of female singer songwriters in the early 2000s, ‘The Spot’ holds with it Vivien’s romantic lyricism topped off with a newfound tongue-in-cheek quirkiness. 'The Spot' is described by Vivien as "just a love song, nothing else. I mean, isn't it fun to write about love?"



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Do you remember The Saltwater Room and Vanilla Twilight moments that Owl City once brought us? Moments that shone and sparked like fireflies of iridescence. Lingering moments. This song feels just like that... The magic, innocence, and touching poetry of it radiates through the song leaving you wrapped up in the chrysalis of its moment. The melody feels like a walk in a private park or a glimpse into someone’s diary. An anecdote of sorts. A story that cries out (in its happy narrative) without being overwhelming, until you’re just melding in its waltz... The chorus is magical - and I could play this beautiful lyricism on repeat. According to a bio of the artist on Spotify, the song is about love and being kissed, written by someone who has never really experienced either. I relate to this cause, (like you), I am said girl too.