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Future Me + U

Dru Chen

Release Date:2020-09-04



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Forrester Jenot

Waiting for new music from artists whose journey you've followed from inception is always nail-biting... Singaporean soul/r'n'b pop prince Dru Chen is no exception. Chen's prowess as a multifaceted artist has grown leaps and bounds since first encountering him in Australia. His ability to seemingly channel the greats of music like Prince and D'Angelo in his sound is profound. Future Me and U's haunting organ intro had me hook, line and sinker. The track is a fresh and mature sound. Chen drawing on his skills as a producer and multifaceted musician shows, marry this with his silky signature vocal and there's a hit on your hands. Nothing sells a song to me more than it having me singing the lyrics for the rest of the day. Kudos! 10/10