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Shirley Ho

Release Date:2021-03-05

Illusion is one of my most anticipated song that I composed during circuit breaker in April 2020. It is inspired by the influence of social media in our lives during this pandemic. It's the social dilemma, the contradictions, the likes and dislikes we feel about social media. Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down and this new social norm is rather phenomena. Due to the 2 months of stay home, I became quite free to create music. Music at that time serves a different purpose more of a reflection of social realities and a record of the history of mankind experiences in this modern world. What is ironic is that many artistic works and music seems to flourish during this period. It's my silver lining! Hear what I have to say.



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Illusion is a light-hearted song bolstered by a catchy guitar riff reminiscent of today’s indie pop while also retrospective to a 70s kind of vibe. Kind of like Carpenters meets The Cranberries. The song has an authentic feel with unique raw vocals as well as a bittersweet melody as a good companion. It’s the perfect song for easy listening when one wants to relax after a long day’s work. Playful and upbeat with a breezy zip in its melodic step, one can’t help but fall prey to Illusion’s catchy tune and dance-friendly melodies. Illusion is that amazing song that will keep you hooked from the first verse! Love it!

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Illusion is a mesmerising song with a special guitar and drum intro that grabs your attention instantly. The lyrics are very well thought and meaningful. I like how the lyrics leaves us with many interpretations hence the mixed feelings. I am intrigued by the feelings of happiness, bitter sweetness and melancholy all mixed beautifully into this song. Anyone can easily connect to the song about social media and relate to this unforgettable song.

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Love the production on this one. Guitar and drum tones really crisp and bright which suits the melancholy feel of the lyrics. The way the vocals harmonise is really beautiful and the way the backing vocals have been mixed in feels clever and different. Can't wait to hear more from Shirley Ho.