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Imagine in Paris

Shirley Ho

Release Date:2021-06-11

Imagine in Paris is my new LoFi song. It is a lyrical travel to transport us away from the mundane and to the place of our heart’s desire. Let us cast aside our routine weariness and magically fly to a city of imagination and dream. If you miss travelling overseas you will love this song.



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“Imagine in Paris” is outstanding and professionally-produced. It is so creative and unique. It helps me escape the realities of our modern world and be in my dream for a moment. The melodious vocals have a calming effect and the harmonica is remarkably beautiful. Highly recommended song.

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This is indeed a magical, emotional song which transports your soul to a fantasy wonderland. This is especially relatable to all of us since most people can’t travel now. “Imagine in Paris” is one of those beautiful songs you indulge in when you want to fantasise about getting away from it all. It beams with an upbeat tempo and a chill vibe accompanied with soothing vocals. The harmonica solo is especially mesmerising. It is an amazing song with real feelings of melancholy embedded into it.