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play me


Release Date:2022-01-21

Borne out of yet another heartbreak, the song seeks to convey a sense of melancholy and exasperation one feels towards relationships in the grey. The song initially begins as a taunt - playful, almost hopeful too - asking the other to provide that romancing as it is always depicted in media. But as the illusion fades, there comes the ineluctable feeling of exasperation and resignation that such relationships never do last. Along with this exasperation also comes many sleepless nights thinking and rethinking what he meant by his words. The song production thus deliberately takes on an echoey, surround sound that mirrors the way one’s thoughts are often overwhelming and it echoes back in a litany of different words and feelings. The song ends with the very familiar sound of typing, retyping and then a final text message sent to signal the cessation of one’s thoughts and yearning for the other.



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