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Siren Song

Wednesday's Child, Raizel

Release Date:2020-06-19

Featuring Raizel's crooning over warm guitars, multi-dimensional atmospheres, and an entrancing beat. The song speaks of a relationship that is rooted in unbridled passion, obsession, and the thrill of making bad decisions.



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Very nice vocals. Perfect for my morning train ride!

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Ian Lee Ing Yi

Once in awhile, a track pops up on the scene, one that is so beguiling and magical, that immediately reels you in and keeps you listening (like a Siren song??). This is it. It sets a new bar - this. is. the. sh**. From the texture of Raizel's vocals to the tight drums that lay down that driving pulse, coupled with tasteful accompaniment on the horns and synths, this one is for the ages. Good job you beautiful people

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Tan Jun Heng

Amazing production and vocals. The horns sit in really nicely with the whole atmosphere, the pocket feels really good.

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Jamie Png

This song feels like you're staring down willy wonka's chocolate whirlpool. The dreamy instrumental puts you in a funny transient state. Coupled with the obsessive lyrics and Raizel's deep vocals, the song puts you in a otherworldly headspace. Really amazing stuff, can't wait to hear more from them

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Berry Tay

Siren Song captures the listener in an ocean of pulsating beats and lures them in deeper with its hypnotic lyrics. This intoxicating single makes for a wonderfully thematic piece when paired with Raizel's warm and textured voice. I can't stop listening to it and I can't wait for more.