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Status Quo

Junyang, Dnl., Emery Elijah, Kimi, Raizel, Sarah Ann

Release Date:2019-06-18

Status Quo is an EP which showcases Junyang's versatility as a producer, with the help of friends as the lead vocalists. The EP consists of noticeable influence from the 80s, evident in "Know That", with its groovy drums accompanied with funky synth bass lines. In "New York", Dnl. lets out his vulnerable side supported by hauntingly beautiful synths and bells. "PSA" brings listeners back down to earth with a more experimental sound, and lyrics that paint a picture of what's really happening in our world . Then comes the upbeat pop song "Don't Really Mind", featuring the voices of Kimi and Sarah Ann that compliment each other so well. Finally, the last track "Anamorphic" talks about the struggles of letting go of a relationship, bringing the EP to an end.



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