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Siren Song

Wednesday's Child, Raizel

Release Date:2020-06-19

Featuring Raizel's crooning over warm guitars, multi-dimensional atmospheres, and an entrancing beat. The song speaks of a relationship that is rooted in unbridled passion, obsession, and the thrill of making bad decisions.



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Kenze Wee

Great vocals, great instrumental, all round great production from the artists. Had this playing on repeat on a high definition stereo system until the neighbours came home and threw my out of their house.

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Clement Leow

Picture this, you are at the Yishun Dam at 3 am in the morning. You lie down on the rocks, gazing upon the night sky with this tune in the background and you just leave this world behind. Dope.

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The soundscape of the track is beautifully done. Production value is definitely a big plus. The arrangement of synths, guitars and horns really create a mellow backdrop for the vocals to play around in. A really great song!

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Rachel Q

This is a lovely and enchanting song -- Raizel's vocals are the right balance of lilting and textured at different points to lend this song a dulcet and lifting quality. The music and arrangements are amazingly produced, multi-layered, and would pique any listener's interest. Perfect for one of those introspective and languid mornings or a drive. This is genuinely worth a listen, and a standout song! As a first release, this makes me excited to see what else the artists have in store in future, whether as solo artistes or in collaboration with each other.