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Spell On Me

Elsa Mickayla

Release Date:2022-10-28
Label:Elsa Mickayla

“SPELL ON ME” is the utmost grooviest and irresistible track in Elsa Mickayla's Discography to date. This bop illustrates her fascination with music, especially being "drunk in love" with her passion. Produced by Elsa Mickayla herself and mixed by Fabio of Noize London, this dancefloor-friendly song embodies the allurement music has to the heart and mind, almost as if it is casting a spell on its listeners, getting them on their feet as they dance to their heart's content. This is the music that will take over your soul, make you get up on your feet, and strut like a fashion icon. Being a song that celebrates self-pride, it's fitting to the Halloween spirit - adorning one's self and dressing up as whoever you want to be, strutting down life's runway with confidence.



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