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Stay True

Shirley Ho

Release Date:2024-02-20

"Stay True" is a powerful meaningful song by Shirley Ho about staying true to oneself and not conforming to external pressures or expectations. This song promotes authenticity and self-empowerment which can resonate and inspire others to embrace their true selves with confidence. It is Shirley Ho's first collaboration with a German music producer, Valxue whose passion is in electronic music. Through Valxue's artistic vision, he produced the song with a gentle immersive and atmospheric vibe to help to convey a relatable message of the song. This song is also about Shirley's love for music and what she believes in. Being a singer-songwriter and environmental advocate who composes music with a purpose to connect people. Her music reflects her appreciation for nature and the social realities. She was recently interviewed by CNA 93.8 fm radio about her songwriting workshop with the community. She is also one of the composer of the song "For Our Future" for WWF-Singapore. Her song "Imagine in Paris" is voted as one of the Best Tracks of 2021 by Hear65's Community. She is also the founder of SGSingersongwriters, a music community and organizes Open Mics for singersongwriters.



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