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When I Was Seven


Release Date:2020-07-16

'when i was seven' is a powerful piano and rap driven autobiography of growing up in a broken household. Through the song's narrative, we hear the artist recounting his childhood, and slowly understand the struggles of the mother in trying to and eventually leaving the family - but also the artist, left behind to pick up the pieces. Reminiscent of eminem's 'mockingbird', the confessional tone of the song draws listeners in and lends itself to repeat listens.



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Olivia AD

an amazing beautiful lyrically astounding song. rly worth a million listens!

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Nathaniel Mah

When I Was Seven is a pivotal inflection point in yams' growth as an artist, signalling his evolution away from his acoustic, singer-songwriter roots and toward a fresher, R&B-inspired sound. The narrative-driven, emotionally-laden lyrics are elevated by yams' thoughtful and tasteful production; with both coupled together, he takes the listener down a deeply personal journey of familial loss, heartbreak and trauma, revealing a powerful beauty in vulnerability.