Aloft Singapore Novena's live programming offers a space for local musicians to thrive and grow

Aloft Singapore Novena's live programming offers a space for local musicians to thrive and grow

More than just a sleek and modern hotel, Aloft Singapore Novena has recently also become known as a hotspot for local music. 

Since opening in September 2023, the twin-towered hotel has already played host over 20 Singaporean musicians and over 100 hours of mesmerising live performances through its signature Live @ Aloft programme. While that in of itself is encouraging, the hotel is aiming even higher, planning to eventually provide a space to up to 50 homegrown musicians by the end of 2024.

Previously, Aloft Singapore Novena has spotlighted both prominent and burgeoning artists such as AnchorBlanc, Psquare Band, Singapore Idol 2004 finalist Maia Lee. More recently, the hotel gave live band AGOPSG a dedicated platform between February and July to showcase their music.

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"This collaboration with Aloft Singapore Novena has given our group an incredible opportunity to perform regularly, allowing us to expand our reach and connect with more music lovers. It's been instrumental in helping us grow as musicians and share our passion with a broader community," enthuses AGOPSG vocalist Jeremy Han.

Singers such as Karis Goh and Jonelle Lim, alongside other talented local musicians, will also be featured in the  coming months.

“Aloft Singapore Novena is committed to fostering a vibrant local music scene by providing a platform for emerging artists," said Macy Cheng, Director of Marketing for Aloft Singapore Novena. "Through our Live @ Aloft programme, we enhance our guests' experiences and offer vital support to local musicians. We are proud to celebrate the incredible talents within our community and continue our mission to connect guests and cultures through the power of music."

To learn more please visit Aloft Singapore Novena’s website and Instagram.