Introducing Pallavi: A bright new addition to Singapore’s Tamil music scene and the champion of ‘Yaar Antha Star 2024’

Introducing Pallavi: A bright new addition to Singapore’s Tamil music scene and the champion of ‘Yaar Antha Star 2024’

The world of arts has always been a source of familiarity, solace, and passion for Pallavi

Having grown up in a tight-knit family who shared a love for singing, the then-four-year-old found herself venturing into the very same art form.

“⁠I’ve been surrounded by music since I can remember. My mom sings and so does my sister. Watching her sit for music classes inspired me to start learning classical music. My parents were very encouraging throughout the journey,” she shared in an interview with Hear65.

Reflecting her diverse yet profound love for music, Pallavi draws inspiration from varying artists including Frank Ocean and Shreya Ghoshal. This passion saw her make steady strides in the local music scene.

At the age of nine, the aspiring artist participated in Super Singer Junior, a Tamil children's singing competition, in 2017.

Super Singer feels a bit like a blur to me since I was young when I participated in it. But I do remember everything I learnt in that journey,” Pallavi recalled.

“I think I’ve grown a lot more as a singer since then,” she continued.

Her triumphant feat in the latest edition of Mediacorp’s Tamil singing competition Yaar Antha Star affirms the latter sentiment.

The One World International School arts student, who has experience in singing, dancing, and painting, competed against 12 budding singers across three months. 

Facing Soorya, Swathy, Shrutilayaa, and Resshma in the Grand Finals, Pallavi demonstrated her versatility as an artist by putting her twist on beloved Tamil songs and displaying her prowess in adapting to fluctuations in tempo and pitch.

The 16-year-old’s commitment to honing her craft was also apparent during the three months. Showing growth and dedication, she captivated both the judges and audiences as she delivered enthralling performances with aplomb and charisma.

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In the next couple of years, the young talent plans to prioritise her education and dedicate her time to her studies. However, the budding music artist side of Pallavi is not going anywhere.

Staying true to her passion, Pallavi’s future goals involve pursuing music professionally and even potentially learning how to have more creative control over her work. After all, what is youth but a mosaic of possibilities? 

“I want to become a versatile singer who doesn’t stick to only one type of genre in music,” Pallavi said.

She continued: “After I finish [my studies in] school, I want to pursue music professionally, produce music, and make my own songs. Hopefully, it all works out in the future!”