The TENG Company to celebrate 20th Anniversary with Gala Night, extension of Mapletree-TENG Scholarship, and more

The TENG Company to celebrate 20th Anniversary with Gala Night, extension of Mapletree-TENG Scholarship, and more

Singapore’s homegrown arts company, The Teng Company (TENG), will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a plethora of initiatives and events.

Set to take place throughout this year, they will show TENG's “commitment towards Music for Good.”

TENG is an organisation that was founded in 2004, consisting of music educators, scholars, and award-winning instrumentalists who aim to explore the potential of Singaporean Chinese music. Over the past 20 years, TENG has been at the forefront of "pioneering the Singapore Sound", by empowering emerging musicians and inspiring underprivileged communities. 

One highlight is The TENG Company 20th Anniversary Gala Night on 24 May. The gala will showcase 10 new commissions which were created in collaboration with 20 homegrown artists, including composers, producers, musicians and filmmakers, who emanate the “country’s cross-cultural essence, artistic heritage and burgeoning creativity.”

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The funds raised from the upcoming concert will be used to support TENG's programmes and operations. 

After the Gala Night, the Singaporean Composers Series will take place on 25 and 26 May at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) Cultural Extravaganza 2024. The opening programme will feature the newly commissioned works.

TENG is also extending the Mapletree-TENG Scholarship to four scholars, providing mentorship to up to six budding musicians this year.

The scholarship supports up-and-coming musicians for two years by covering full tuition fees of individual lessons with TENG’s professional instructors, grading examinations, as well as course materials.

Since its launch in 2018, the scholarship has awarded 26 successful scholarships.

As part of its flagship outreach programme, TENG Gives Back, the company will be conducting 50 performances for hospices and hospitals, including The National Kidney Foundation and Assisi Hospice. Additionally, TENG will be collaborating with the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory at the National University of Singapore to research the effectiveness of live music in bringing solace to the sick and elderly. 

“We are excited to celebrate our anniversary and bring the joy of music to the community through live performances, and even in everyday life, with our train chimes produced for SMRT as auditory beacons to help the visually impaired in their commuting journey. Over the last 20 years, we have embarked on many initiatives that have harnessed the power of music and innovation to uplift Singaporeans of different walks of life. We are looking forward to breaking new ground and expanding our music for good initiatives in the next 20 years and more,” said Dr Samuel Wong, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The TENG Company.