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Please Don't Do It


Release Date:2021-03-26

‘Please Don’t Do it’ is a melancholic Indie Rock, Power Pop, J-Rock influenced tune about one’s frustrations with their person going down a path of self-destruction. It is the first (and perhaps only) single off of kotoji’s upcoming first full length album which is set to release towards the end of 2021. The song is a peek into the story that kotoji will be telling in her LP, which she is working on with Asmat Tarmimi of AOR Studios and her fellow indie musician brother, Theron Lim.



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Kotoji is such an inspiring and incredibly talented artist that I hope she can flourish in the future.

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Corinne Collins

Every song Kotoji puts out hits a different place in my heart yet is so easy and pleasant to listen to and I'm absolutely here for it. Everything about this one is beautiful and emotional and chilling in every way. The literal sound of it and the content of the lyrics work together to bring you to tears if you've ever had to experience anything like what she's singing about. Can't wait for the EP xo

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Mei Zi Tan

One of my favourite things about kotoji is how each of her releases are distinctly different and yet they still manage to tie in with each other so seamlessly. The lyrics for "Please Don't Do It" build up on the musical narrative she introduced in her prequel era and it makes me so excited for where she's going to take listeners for her full-length album. Sonically, it was great to see her taking her vocals to new places on this track and that epic climax at the 1:40 mark never fails to hit me right in the gut. "Please Don't Do It" serves up the best of what I've come to know as kotoji's unique music style and I'm super excited to hear her future releases ^_^