Creative renditions of top favourite National Day Songs to celebrate Singapore

Creative renditions of top favourite National Day Songs to celebrate Singapore

The roar of fighter jets across the city, a sea of red and white flags popping up along HDB flats and a new catchy NDP song on repeat; you know what that means - National Day is here! It's only a few more days before we indulge in this year's extraordinary national day celebrations. So, as we countdown the days to National Day, let's reminisce with the most creative musical tributes to Singapore.

Over the years, we've heard a myriad of wonderful NDP songs and the covers that come along with them. From a cappella covers that just hit you right in the feels to punk rock renditions that'll get undoubtedly excited, Hear65 compiled a list of the top renditions of National Day songs. Check them out!

MICappella - NDP Medley

When it comes to covers, you know that world-renowned a cappella group MICappella has got to be on the list. During their set on Hear65 Sing Along SG, the group performed a live version of their NDP Medley to get everyone in the patriotic mood. MICapella featured a total of 24 NDP songs, highlighting classics like 1962's 'Singapura', 1967's 'Singapore Town', 1992's 'It's The Little Things', 2001's 'Where I Belong', 2016's 'Tomorrow's Here Today', and many more. 

Jeremy Monteiro ft. Alemay Fernandez - One People, One Nation, One Singapore

Alongside veteran jazz singer Alemay Fernandez, local jazz icon Jeremy Monteiro share a soulful rendition of NDP favourite his very own National Day song 'One People, One Nation, One Singapore' live on Hear65 Sing Along SG. As they say, "nothing can beat the original" and that's definitely the case here. Considerably one of the most sonically beautiful covers of an NDP song, there's something about the combination of powerful vocals and exquisite piano skills that are guaranteed to send chills down your spine. 

The Apex Project - 家 (Home)

What's a national day celebration without listening to a Singapore classic? A cappella group The Apex Project, brings a heartfelt and emotional rendition of the Chinese version of Dick Lee's 'Home'. Released in 2016, the award-winning group pays homage to their roots with a soothing arrangement of  'Home', coupled with an endearing video showcasing the beauty of Singapore. 

Scarlet Avenue & Pam Miya - We Will Get There

Performed by pop-duo, Scarlet Avenue featuring local artist Pam Miya, this a lively bi-lingual rendition of a National Day favourite, 'We Will Get There'. Originally performed by renowned singer-songwriter, Stefanie Sun in 2002, Scarlet Avenue and Pam Miya gives the song a new burst of energy with an upbeat guitar melody and cheerful vocals. The song is sung in both English and Chinese and soundtracks a montage of previous National Day Parades.

Flame Of The Forest - Home

Flame Of The Forest is an instrumental ensemble born and raised in Singapore and as a tribute to the homeland, the group perform a soothing rendition of the highly-covered 'Home'. Using a sitar, a tabla, a violin, a keyboard, an electric guitar, and a bass, the group infuses the beloved NDP song with a myriad of traditional sounds, showcasing a unique and relaxing cover of 'Home'.

Isk, Hosni & Friends - National Day Medley

Despite being released over a decade ago, this is still probably one of the most creative and inventive renditions of national day tunes out there. Armed with passion and patriotism, Isk and Hosni, members of local punk-rock band 20 Dischanger, alongside some of their friends perform a punk-rock medley of some favourite National Day Songs. The band covers 'Home', 'Stand Up For Singapore', 'One People, One Nation, One Singapore', 'Singapore National Pledge', and 'We Are Singapore'.  

BOSSA CELLI - Bunga Sayang & Home

It's not every day you come across a classical remake of National Day songs. Donned in red, the premier cello quartet BOSSA CELLI perform a beautiful rendition of old-timey classics 'Bunga Sayang' and 'Home' as a tribute to the sunny island of Singapore. Filmed in Marine Barrage, against the sparkling city skyline, the video acts as a reminder of how far our country has come. 

The Sam Willows x Josh Wei - Home

The vocals of The Sam Willows never fail to impress. Their vocal arrangement of 'Home' coupled with Josh Wei's violin melody is truly a treat for the ears. With no frills or over-the-top stunts, this is a simple yet charming cover of the NDP classic that emulate the warmness of home. 

The Cold Cut Duo ft. Ben Hum & Natalie Tan - National Day Medley

Performed by Mandopop artist The Cold Cut Duo alongside fellow singers Ben Hum and Natalie Tan, this medley takes us on a journey through Singapore, literally and figuratively, as the musicians sing 15 NDP songs across 12 locations all around the country. The group covered top NDP favourites like 1984's 'Stand Up Singapore', 1999's 'Together', 2005's 'Reach Out For The Skies', 2018's 'We Are Singapore', and more. Truly one of the most ambitious out of the bunch, the entire video was filmed all in a single day. 

Singapore Virtual Choir - Home

At this point, we've heard a lot of renditions of 'Home', but this one is sure to get you in your feels. 2020 has been an undoubtedly tough year. In an effort to show unity amidst these trying times, Voices of Singapore organised a virtual choir consisting of 900 Singaporeans all across the world to sing a heart-wrenching rendition of 'Home'. Featuring local artists like Charlie Lim, Shigga Shay, Jasmine Sokko, Nathan Hartono, and many more alongside other Singaporean singers, this a powerful cover of the NDP classic that will truly move you to tears. 

Benjamin Kheng - Count On Me Singapore

Known for his smooth and emotional vocals, singer-songwriter Benjamin Kheng takes on a dreamy and nostalgia-inducing rendition of 2015 NDP song, 'Count On Me Singapore'. In collaboration with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), The Sam Willows' member showcases his impressive vocal talents, while also recounting how far SSO has come since their inception in 1979.