Hear65 YouTube Playlists: Curating the boldest, freshest sounds of Singapore

Hear65 YouTube Playlists: Curating the boldest, freshest sounds of Singapore

As the Home for Singaporean music, Hear65 prides itself on bringing audiences to the forefront of our island's music, and keeping abreast with anything and everything that our scene entails. Whether that's a new release, a fireside chat with an artist, or a track you need to hear - we want to get you there.

On top of our weekly updated Spotify playlists, we're now introducing our curated, hyper-local YouTube playlists - brewed fresh to keep you in the beat. Whether that’s work or play, tune in and lose yourself to the freshest and boldest sounds on the 65.

Here, you'll find selections that've been handpicked by our team, woven together with specific themes or genres in mind. These stay permanent once we've curated them - and that's intentional - capturing the zeitgeist of a moment in time. 

Tune in with us, as we celebrate the brightest sounds we have to offer.

transported to a cafe to work and people-watch. || chill cafe beats

Sounds like: People-watching at Marina Barrage, a good book down by the Eastern Coast's parks, or a cuppa at your favourite coffee house.

Featuring: Wednesday's Child, Marj, thecolorfractal, Gail Belmonte, Retrofocus, Gentle Bones, Joie Tan, Joanna Dong, Rangga Jones, brb., Soong, Reub, shy-c, kylzee, Sofia Lauren, Jean Seizure, Marian Carmel, Linying, Odelia Rei.

your late night company

Sounds like: Hanging out with your friends past midnight, an after-hours walk home, or ceiling gazing in your bedroom.

Featuring: Charlie Lim, YAØ, Syed Azmir, Hashy, Mark Bonafide, CHERIE SLAYN, Don Aaron, Nic Soze, Babebee, Ralph Alvern, KODELLE, Chelsea Cara, UTCPLUS8, jimmy_thegoat, Qastalani, jyeo, jupiterkid, theodora, evanturetime, Sezairi, Soul Dot, Akeem Jahat, Marian Carmel, Micki Jayy, WHOLEFOODS, khei, Sam Rui, and Rangga Jones

mood booster mix: feel good and dance a little

Sounds like: Dancing in your bedroom alone, a pick-me-up, or an energetic escape from the busyness of your day.

Featuring: Gentle Bones, gamaliél, brb., Benjamin Kheng, J.Sheon, Sezairi, lullaboy, Rangga Jones, ZIONN, Kartik Kuna, Yung Raja, ALYPH, Trifect, Oakë, Charlene Su, YAØ, Elsa Mickayla, ZIONN, Jung, Son Of A Policeman, DSML, Suehaila, HOMETOWN HEREOS, evanturetime, Estelle Fly, Marian Carmel, Shye, Homeground Studios, Tengyboy, NYK, and Moon Pool.

[playlist] $15 and a great night out

Sounds like: What gigs are made of. Jumping, surfing, screaming, and losing your voice - transport yourself and recall a good night out as if you were there, a night that never seemed to end, and a time of pure euphoria.

Featuring: Subsonic Eye, Blush, Cosmic Child, Cashew Chemists, Electrico, Carpet Golf, Pleasantry, B-Quartet, .gif, Spacedays, Haning up the Moon, Long Live The Empire, sub:shaman, Plainsunset.

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