LimTayPeng drop sixth Chinese New Year single ‘風生水起 (Flourishing)’ – listen

LimTayPeng drop sixth Chinese New Year single ‘風生水起 (Flourishing)’ – listen

LimTayPeng are back with a new festive single.

On 5 January, the trio unveiled their sixth Mandarin Chinese New Year track, ‘《⻛生水起》Flourishing’, which has brought them closer to fulfilling their goal to compose new songs dedicated to each Chinese Zodiac year. 

In this release, they wrote the song to reflect the vibrant light decorations in Chinatown and depict the idea of Li Chun (立春) – where people would visit banks on an auspicious day and time according to their Chinese Zodiac to deposit money, initiating their prosperity for the year.  

“LimTayPeng celebrates everything that is ‘Singaporean’. Celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) is certainly not exclusive to Singapore, but we do have certain CNY customs that set us apart from other countries in the world and make us uniquely Chinese Singaporean,” said group member Peng Chi Sheng in a press release.

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Accompanying the track is a version of it recorded in collaboration with 96.3 HAO FM DJs Jingyun and Si Yuan. ‘《⻛生水起》Flourishing’ is now available to stream on all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, KKBox, and QQ Music.

Since 2019, the ‘Christmas Summer’ act have been churning new tracks for the festive season that taps into the local essence. These include‘《捞⻥生》Lao Yusheng’, which highlights the custom of consuming Yusheng (raw fish) during Chinese New Year, and ‘《兔⻜猛 进》Hoppy New Year’ which was composed during the Year of the Rabbit and includes references to visiting the elderly and how HDB houses unite individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Comprising band members Aaron Matthew Lim (vocals), Tay Sia Yeun (vocals), and Peng Chi Sheng (songwriter and piano), the group have been releasing original and unique compositions that capture the Singaporean culture since they dropped their Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre-commissioned first track ‘《捞⻥生》 (The Lo Hei Song)’.

Check out LimTayPeng’s ‘《⻛生水起》Flourishing’ here: