Rock veterans Sweet Charity to hold Singapore concert this October

Rock veterans Sweet Charity to hold Singapore concert this October

Sweet Charity are returning to the live stage in Singapore.

The local rock veterans have announced that they will be reuniting after a decade-long hiatus for a concert on home soil. Titled "Ribut The Concert: Five Decades of Sweet Charity", the POS TKI-presented event will be held at The Star Arts Performing Centre's The Star Theatre on 14 October.

Comprising vocalist Datuk Ramli Sarip, lead guitarist Rosli Mohalim, drummer Rahman Sarbani, and organist Ahmad Jaafar, the band will be putting new spins on memorable tunes such as 'Kamelia', 'Teratai', and 'Sejuta Wajah' that will showcase how they have evolved.

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“I don’t know what they (the fans) felt 40 years ago about our music and performance. I think now it should be more mature and we can talk about the songs, and why they were recorded. I have the style and the energy to perform," shared Ramli, who's also known by his nickname "Papa Rock".

He added: “Now it’s about maturity, art, and rock and roll.”

After Sweet Charity's formation in the 1960s, the band's early years consisted of performances at the Ocean Bar and small events such as weddings as well as a show at the National Theatre in 1973. Sweet Charity — who have gone through several lineup changes over the years — later went on to become one of the pioneering members of the Malay rock scenes in Singapore and Malaysia and also gained a following in Indonesia.

Tickets to Ribut The Concert: Five Decades of Sweet Charity, priced from $48 to $188, are now available for purchase via SISTIC.

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