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Grass Field (Derick.T Remix)

Thaddeus Lin, Derick.T

Release Date:2021-09-29
Label:Broken Car Records

A victory call-out to people from all walks of life, who finally found their version of HOME. Derick T.’s chill electronic remix of ‘Grass Field’ brings it into a whole new style with sweet bells and thick lush pads. The downtempo track provides a fresh take on the original song. With the hard-hitting beats accompanied by Thaddeus Lin’s raspy and soothing vocals, this collaboration proved to be a bold statement in blending music genres.



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C. Pam

Didn't expect this out of Derick.T's remix, I thought that Thaddeus Grass Field is already as soothing as it can get! But, Derick.T really brings out his own musical style with the additions of the atmospheric elements and hard hitting reverbs, which fits perfectly with Thaddeus' vocals.