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I Wish It Rained Forever

Thaddeus Lin

Release Date:2020-11-27

“I Wish It Rained Forever” 4-song E.P released on most major platforms (Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Amazon etc.) on 27th November 2020. The collective vibe of this EP is to portray imaginative ideas for people who might associate themselves with the storytelling. It is also a “checkpoint” for Thaddeus to note down different phases of his life. The EP consists of 4 cohesive songs which paves a journey of love/hate for viewers alike. I Must Go A song that illustrates the struggles of being in a destructive relationship, about someone who has to make the decision of leaving for the better of everyone. This song is a bittersweet closure for anyone who does not have the courage to initiate a goodbye. Mother Earth Save our Earth before it’s too late! No One A song to make someone feel special, about how No One else can ever fill in an empty space. Reaching out ever so desperately to no avail, yearning for the one that has left. What’s This Feeling? This is a call of distress from not knowing how to express the feelings one is feeling. This song initially started out as a mellow piece of music, turned into a funky groove song that conceals a 'call' for help. Artist’s Bio Thaddeus Lin, a Singaporean musician exploring the boundaries of various genres, embedding a style of writing and production process that are not traditionally associated with the standards of perfection. Drawing his inspirations from the likes of folk and alternative musicians from all around the world, Thaddeus is an eccentric songwriter who writes about anything and everything his mind can portray, from love stories to little towns and fast cars. All which are part of his different phases of growing up in Singapore. His style characteristically involves lyrics that flow well, as well as a melody that listeners hook onto.



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