7 rising artists from Singapore to keep an eye on in 2024 – Krunkle, Fatbear, IZPZ, camping, and more

7 rising artists from Singapore to keep an eye on in 2024 – Krunkle, Fatbear, IZPZ, camping, and more

Here’s to another year of discovering new homegrown artists.

As we’ve attended countless concerts and festivals over the years, it’s safe to say that Singapore’s music landscape is thriving and full of diverse talents waiting to be heard. 

This year, Hear65 shines the spotlight on the artists who have tapped into their emotions and experiences to bring us memorable musical creations. From down-to-earth songwriting about love, despair, and growing up, to the refreshing soundtrips of alternative rock or even a hint of bossa nova, there’s something about music from the Lion City that just hits. 

Check out the seven homegrown artists who have not only made a lasting impression with their music, but also touched the hearts of listeners.


Bringing in the influence of ‘90s alternative rock with a touch of “scrappy noise pop”, these are the traits that define Krunkle. Through the use of overdriven guitars and expressive leads, the quartet infuses elements of the past with modern sensibilities, which captivates listeners who are not only in for the nostalgia, but also refreshing sounds. 

You may have seen the four-piece band a couple of times last year, especially at Baybeats 2023, Rock and Indie (RIF) 2023, and Friends of Friends at CERO Petaling Jaya alongside fellow homegrown rock quartet Cactus Cactus, and Malaysia’s Midnight Fusic and Golden Mammoth.

Recently, the ‘Philia’ act released its self-titled debut EP last December comprising of five tracks, including ‘Encore’ and ‘Stale’.

Listen to Krunkle’s album, Krunkle here:


Behind the musical identity of Fatbear is Allie. Through her musical creations, Fatbear intends to create a time when connections between individuals felt more real and significant. As you listen to her music, a profound sense of comfort is formed – thanks to her soothing vocals and strong affinity to the indie sound from the early 90s to 2000s. 

You may have seen her earlier this year when she made an appearance at A Night with New Mongrels on 6 January and shared the stage with emo outfit CURB, rappers ABANGSAPAU and AE$OP CA$H.

Aside from releasing three singles, the singer-songwriter has also performed a live set for ‘Kompressor’ and an acoustic session for ‘Old Space’ at Panik Records, during which the record label announced her upcoming debut EP Mays In June

With all the reassuring (and much needed) words by Fatbear in ‘Rest Slow’, we just can’t wait to see what lies ahead in her forthcoming releases. 

Check out Fatbear’s ‘Rest Slow’ here.


An up-and-coming musician in Singapore, IZPZ offers reflective and dreamy tunes that simply tugs at our heartstrings. With a desire for exploration, the singer-songwriter creates his music from a cozy apartment nestled high in the skylines of the Lion City. 

In a city that moves so fast, it’s sometimes necessary for us to slow down and take it easy for a moment to breathe. Thanks to IZPZ, all that stress will be put to ease when you listen to his hushed and calming 2023 singles, ‘love for hire’, ‘Underneath’, and ‘In Sight’.

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If you’re in need of a break, the soloist is set to perform his debut EP Love & Loss at Esplanade’s All Things New on 25 January, 7 PM, at the Esplanade Concourse.  

Check out IZPZ’s ‘love for hire’ here.


If you’re suffering the loss of a great friendship, these local rockers can empathise. Emerging as a promising force in the alternative emo landscape in Singapore, camping comprises band members Hadi Lee (vocals and bass), Desirée Chew (vocals and guitar), Joshua Loh (drums), and Dylan De Souza (guitar).

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Since their debut in mid-2023, the quartet have unleashed songs about growing up in their seven-track album Never Been Camping, exploring the emotions that are commonly felt when transitioning from late adolescence – just like thinking about everyday moments in the past or the unsettling dwindling of close relationships. Apart from that, camping bring together the different aspects of emo music that bring them solace and comfort, creating a distinct sound that is familiar to their American peers, but also “eludes typical markers of the genre” in their EP Where Do We Begin?.

In their musical career, camping have opened for international acts such as Anxious and Angel Du$t and are slated to open for American rock band Citizen on 7 March at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre alongside Subsonic Eye

So if you’re ever going through a rough patch with your peers, you might want to tune in to the ‘Heel’ act’s discography for consolation and closure. 

Check out camping’s ‘Where Do We Begin’ here.


If you’re looking for intimate songs bearing honest songwriting and comforting acoustic instrumentals, you can count on nkei

Comprising vocalist Raizel Gonzales and producer Ian Lee, nkei are an alternative R&B duo that draw influences from the sounds of jazz, folk, and R&B. The pair made their debut in 2021 with their single ‘No’, and since then, they have slowly released highly relatable tracks of love such as ‘You’ and ‘77’.

The last we saw the duo performing live was during Baybeats 2023, where they performed an intimate full-house set at The Annexe. They also teased their new single, ‘Bread’, during their set. 

If you recently discovered nkei’s music and hope to hear it performed live, you’re in luck. They have a couple of gigs lined up soon including Light to Night on 26 and 27 January, headlining LASALLE College of the ArtsRock and Indie Festival 2024 on 2 February, and PRESSPLAY 2024 on 3 February

Check out nkei’s ‘Bread’ here.


A singer-songwriter based in Singapore, Shohini makes music that draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences from the East and West. As her songs reflect on personal stories of burnout, resilience, optimism, pain, and love, it seems like a perfect fit for any Singaporean tuning in after a long and hefty day at work or school. 

Since her introduction to the local music landscape, the soloist has unveiled five singles showcasing varying soundscapes, including the lively jazz-infused track ‘Day Before Monday’ and the soothing bossa nova vibes in ‘July’, which can instantly lift spirits.

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This year, Shohini is all set to release her debut EP Polarity on 23 February. Shohini shared her thoughts on her upcoming release in an Instagram post: “I’ve spent the last year letting myself be deeply scarily vulnerable through the music I create. Life has had its ups and downs but I’ll always be grateful for the art it inspires and more importantly, the people who make it brighter.”

Now that we’ve got a dose of optimism from the ‘Language To Love’ singer, it may be easier for us to get through the week. But till then, we’ll patiently wait for more feel-good tunes by Shohini.

Check out Shohini’s ‘Day Before Monday’ here.


Seeing as how rhyu has been writing music since she was four years old, it’s no wonder that her music is relatable to most. As the brains behind intimate love songs such as ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Melt’, the soloist brings comfort and solace to listeners with her ethereal vocals and genuine lyrics. 

Not long ago, she achieved several notable milestones such as joining the local music movement New Mongrels, opening Taiwanese neoclassical chamber ensemble Cicada’s headlining concert at Lion Studios, and releasing her latest single, ‘Falling Behind’. Since the track’s release, the homegrown singer-songwriter has garnered over 84,000 streams on Spotify and delivered a stripped-back rendition of it on YouTube.

So, if you ever feel lost in a world that’s moving at breakneck speed or are falling head over heels for a love interest, trust us when we say that rhyu has probably already written songs about it. 

Check out rhyu’s ‘Falling Behind’ here.