Amni Musfirah, weish, Benjamin Kheng, shazza, and more slated to perform at NDP 2024

Amni Musfirah, weish, Benjamin Kheng, shazza, and more slated to perform at NDP 2024

Held at the Padang, the 2024 National Day Parade (NDP) will feature 12 artists and over 3,000 participants from organisations such as the Singapore Gymnastics National Training Centre, Swift Skating Academy, Voices of Singapore and more.

Among them are prominent local musicians who will be performing live at this grand celebration of Singapore’s independence.

The NDP 2024 theme song, Not Alone, written and sung by Benjamin Kheng and co-composed by Evan Loh will be premiering live during Chapter Six of the NDP 2024 Show Segment.

Likewise, ‘Horizon’, which was written by weish and produced by Claude Glass will be performed by the multidisciplinary artist in Chapter Six as well. The song intends to “summon Singaporeans to draw courage from each other and run boldly into our shared future.” 

Pop singer Amni Musfirah will be making her NDP debut alongside an ensemble from the Music and Drama Company to present an original composition by Kaylene Tan and Bang Wenfu called ‘Hold Up The Sky’. Slated to take place during Chapter 3, the song was adapted from the Malay proverb, “Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit Dijunjung” and symbolises unity in nation building. She will also open the show by singing ‘Anggerik Singapura’, composed by the late, great Zubir Said.

Other first-time performers include singer-songwriter shazza, who will perform covers of ‘You’re The Boy’ by local veterans Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings, as well as Tamil classic ‘Andru Vanthathum Ithe Nila’ by T.M. Soundararajan and P. Susheela

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Cellist Olivia Chuang is another notable NDP debutant, who will be featured in Chapter 5, as she performs an instrumental version of NDP 2024’s theme song. Jazz vocalist Joanna Dong is also still set to perform during Chapter 3, despite missing the first few NDP rehearsals after undergoing a minor operation due to a breast cancer scare.

Beyond the musical components, the show on 9 August promises to be an immersive spectacle featuring an asymmetrical stage that will be complemented by 12 LED banners, 4 mobile LED cubes, and the main LED screens - ensuring a 360-degree visual feast.