LAYYI offers a comforting embrace in latest single ‘i’ll be blue’ — listen

LAYYI offers a comforting embrace in latest single ‘i’ll be blue’ — listen

LAYYI is back with her new single ‘i’ll be blue’, set for release on 21 June

‘i’ll be blue’ is a pop ballad number that explores themes of emotional turmoil and heartache. Amid the sadness, the song provides a sense of solace, particularly through the evocative use of the word “blue”. The track's release comes as part of her latest EP titled life(?)

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“Depression is not easy to go through,” LAYYI expressed. “I wanted to make “blue” sound warm and embracing instead of cold and distant because none of us can escape feeling down. The only way is through.”

The track is a heartfelt reflection of the homegrown singer-songwriter’s mental health journey over the past few months, where she found that the only word to encapsulate her emotions was “blue”. 

“That chorus alone took me through months of pain and uncertainty, and I eventually found it in me to finish the song. This season of life has also birthed some other songs in me and I can't wait to share them,” she shared, hinting at the release of her upcoming EP.

The blend of soothing melancholic melodies and LAYYI’s resonant vocals offers listeners the perfect tune to unwind after a tough day. LAYYI’s vulnerability shines not only in her lyrics but also through her TikTok videos, where she promotes her release in a more intimate setting inviting people to sit with her and listen to the song if they’re “feeling blue”. 

@layyi96 hearts and prayers going out to all victims of war 💙 surprise at the end of the video ✨ #TunesOfSG #tiktoksg #fyp #risingontiktok #tunesofsea #krnb #viral #newmusic ♬ original sound - LAYYI

“If you need a voice to tell you that you're going to be okay, if you cannot seem to find the answers, the path or the relief you need within yourself, if you need someone to carry your burdens or maybe just lift them up for you for a little a while, this song is yours,” LAYYI shared.

‘i’ll be blue’ will be available on all streaming platforms on 21 June