Hear65 Music Reviews: New Releases from Estelle Fly, Jason Yu, HYBRD, and more

Hear65 Music Reviews: New Releases from Estelle Fly, Jason Yu, HYBRD, and more

Since the beginning, we’ve been reviewing music on Hear65 every week, and now we'd like to break away from this tradition and pass the baton over to you - the listeners of Singapore’s music. If you've ever been itching to share your thoughts about a new track release, or simply want to introduce good earworms to more listeners, then read on. 

For the uninitiated, the Hear65 website has a Review Function to help visitors discover and gain greater insight into the music in Singapore. Good music should always be shared, and we are inviting contributions from friends and fans of our homegrown artists.

Every two weeks, the Hear65 team will select 6-8 reviews every two weeks to publish in a Review Round Up article. Just check out the latest releases and submit your review for a chance to be featured. 

Here’s what readers have to say this week: 

Estelle Fly - Heavy

Calum Kevin Seah, 90/100: "The track is a departure from some of Estelle Fly’s more anthemic 2019 songs, adding on a dimension of emotional delivery that is able to take us into an intimate and personal space."

Jean Tan - Oak Cherry Wine

Bernice Ong, 100/100: "I’d liken this song to watching a flower bloom. The way love grows with the musical notions in “Oak Cherry Wine” is absolutely beautiful and I really hope you guys give it a listen."

Jonan, Narysal - Sorry

Curie, 100/100: The groove, the yummy guitar licks, Narysal's honey voice! Every special moment of "Sorry" uncovers a different sensation - tingling to the bones then bursting with energy.


Izzati Kasmuri, 95/100: "I don't usually listen to hip-hop. but boy oh boy was this a banger! Vibed to it with my colleagues in the office and they all enjoyed it as much as I did, if not, more!"

The Benjamin Daniels - Haven

Jared Anthony Wong, 78/100: "'Haven' shows off a great directness to Rock outfit The Benjamin Daniel's songwriting, signalled immediately by a tauning opening octave riff that draws you into its narrative. 

Firefly Search Party - Stubborn Is The Love

Jared Ho, 100/100: "Firefly Search Party frees themselves from the trappings of 'The Cave' in this upbeat love song about rediscovering and reigniting the fire within. It debates the unexpectedness of how relationships are in the first place and challenges the initially arbitrary by showing how effort in relationships is the pathway to their meaning."

Kaitlyn Lin -偶然的相遇

FunkySoulPoopy, 100/100: "This is really a well written song with a memorable chorus and hook. Kaitlyn sings with lots of emotion and feelings and she managed to convey the meaning of the song. It's extremely heartfelt."

Marco Marcus - It Doesn't Mean

Mariah, 100/100: "Marco plays the piano and sings so soulfully on this track and it shows how personal this song is to him. He has such an incredible timbre and texture to his voice, apart from the very wide range that he has been gifted with. I love this song very much."

Jason Yu - Now I Know

Chris Chew, 96/100: "In his latest single, “Now I Know”, not only does Jason deliver an incredible vocal performance, the well written lyrics are also able to to captivate the listener, easily making me reminisce about my own personal past experiences with breakups. "

jaye - ADHD

bong, 88/100: "An elaborate orchestration of four sonically distinct sections, each with its own set of brooding synth sounds and carefully constructed beats. ADHD has a hypnotic allure that takes you on an emotional journey that outlines the four stages in jaye's "ADHD" cycle - Attention, Depression, Hit, Dip."