Hear65 Music Reviews: New Releases from YAØ, Dominic Chin, Yung Raja, and more

Hear65 Music Reviews: New Releases from YAØ, Dominic Chin, Yung Raja, and more

Since the beginning, we’ve been reviewing music on Hear65 every week, and now we'd like to break away from this tradition and pass the baton over to you - the listeners of Singapore’s music. If you've ever been itching to share your thoughts about a new track release, or simply want to introduce good earworms to more listeners, then read on. 

For the uninitiated, the Hear65 website has a Review Function to help visitors discover and gain greater insight into the music in Singapore. Good music should always be shared, and we are inviting contributions from friends and fans of our homegrown artists.

Every two weeks, the Hear65 team will select 6-8 reviews every two weeks to publish in a Review Round Up article. Just check out the latest releases and submit your review for a chance to be featured. 

Here’s what readers have to say this week: 

YAØ - Morning Dance

Shaneeta Bora Karapan, 95/100: Morning dance is yet another addictive hit from YAØ. In line with the style in which we have come to love and associate with YAØ, this latest release is a simple and catchy track that exudes positivity. The hook of the chorus is a definitely ear-worm which you will find yourself humming throughout the day. In each part of the song, the music provides something new for listeners to discover in its layers. The track then transitions into something unexpected in the bridge with a totally different sound from the rest of the song. The skilfully crafted harmonies support the main vocals beautifully as it builds up to a belt. A refreshing and distinctive sound that stands out in the Singapore music scene. This song truly is the perfect jam to listen to first thing in the morning if you are in need of a pick-me-up (I’ve set it as my alarm ring tone).

ALONE - Dominic Chin

Alexa, 100/100: ALONE by Dominic Chin is lo-fi alternative perfection. It's the perfect song to listen to while you're chilling and it also makes you feel comforted with its lyrics that beautifully encapsulates the experience of having anxiety. This song is like a fuzzy blanket that tells you it understands your woes - undoubtedly a great song that deserves way more attention.

white lights - Cravism, emmeline 

Saleha Jubir, 100/100: One of my fav songs to play at night with the fairy lights on and a cold drink in hand. Smooth and easy on the ears to wind down after a long day at work. Always a huge fan of Em's vocals and Cravism's lofi signature tracks.

Noor Syafiq, 100/100: White Lights by Cravism is everything and more a modern-day Hip-Hop lover could ask for from a local producer. It’s gritty, it’s organic and it’s a fitting ode to the ‘90s J-Dilla-type of beat. The production level is top-notch, yet not too much, giving it that raw, bedroom feel.

Cravism teases listeners just enough with the dribbling piano line within the heavy bass-and-clap structure. Faint traces of RnB guitar licks lie coyly in the background, and a slick jazz horn solo provide for the perfect finishing touch to this midnight track.

It’s the ideal beat to kick off your shoes and recline to after a long day at work. Think D’Angelo, The Roots in the ‘90s era, and Madlib—when it comes to Neo-Soul Hip-Hop, Cravism is definitely representing hard on the Singaporean front.

Amazing - Yung Raja, ALYPH, Trifect

Lincoln Lim, 100/100: Great rhythmic beat that will definitely be a bop in the club, can see it being in my rap playlist. 

My Time With You - Shannon Yap

Sheryl Loh, 100/100: A heartfelt piece with words that tugged my heart at the right spots. Was an instant ear worm that I hands down would sing along to with its catchy perk-me-up tunes!

inconsistent - Yams 

Kit Ling, 98/100: 'inconsistent' pulls you in and packs a punch - yams takes you on what feels like a soaring journey through hope, hardship, struggle, and love. At times we witness his raw & powerful vulnerability, and at other moments we're his friend listening to him playfully tell us about his latest crush. Through a masterful blend of vocals, tight & upbeat rap verses, clean lyricism, and soulful vocals, we see many sides of yams, but also get a chance to see what he sees and feel what he feels - it's a journey of yearning and hope, and one absolutely worth joining yams for.

Selah - bernice.wav

Jodi Tan, 97/100: Selah has a lot of goodness in it, it speaks of having hope in the waiting when things doesn’t go your way. The vocalist has a lot of conviction in her singing and her voice is pleasant and sweet to the ears. The chorus is inviting as well. When the 2nd verse kicks in, it gives a satisfying weight to the listener as the song develops and the backing vocals and the drums come in, it all sounds very pleasant and makes you want to listen to the song. The backing vocals are just the right amount of balance, not too loud and not too soft, they are nicely tunes as well. In addition, the instruments in this song blend very well together in the mix and it gives full support to the vocalist to tell the story of the song. They take up a good amount of space in the stereo mix such that they don’t overpower the main vocalist while allowing the vocalist to shine but also being clearly heard in the mix. The bridge is a section where the song starts building up and it really gives the listener a boost in encouragement and hope that isn’t pretentious but it felt so genuine. The song was already good as it progresses, but you will just want more and more of the song when you get to the bridge. The backing vocals tell a story in the big chorus that follows after and fully emphasises the message of the song hence I feel that it backs up the main vocalist very well. There was a nice buildup overall. The song concludes nicely. This song brings back nostalgia for some of us which gives something fresh to the listener. It nourishes the human soul and definitely worthwhile a listen!