Hear65 presents Guest Selects: Marcus 李俊緯

Hear65 presents Guest Selects: Marcus 李俊緯

Hear65 engages with a whole treasure trove of music, often arguing over who gets the aux cord next. The squabbles have gotten to a point where we're (sometimes) at each other's throats - and so we're handing over the reigns to our gifted artists and musicians themselves for curation.

On top of our weekly updated New Releases, we debuted a brand new segment where we invite names within the industry to champion not just themselves, but those they wish to spotlight, too. We don't govern the parameters of the playlist, which means the guests themselves have free reign over who they wish to include, with a brief explanation on why they've chosen the tracks they have.

We're calling this segment Guest Selects, and we hope you enjoy some of the best and finest from within our local playground.

For our second iteration, singer-songwriter Marcus Lee 李俊緯 has picked out an eclectic list consisting of local heroes and circuit veterans, the likes of Joanna Dong, 洪俊扬 Hong Junyang, 王曉敏 Shelby Wang, StellaVee, Nathan Hartono, Tay Kewei, The Apex Project, Ruth Kueo, LINGBRANDON, folks from SingVoice, and many more. Coinciding with the festive Lunar New Year period, Marcus has gifted us a tracklist to play during visits and outings, whilst we're busy stuffing our faces away. 

Welcome to Guest Selects, Marcus. What can you tell us about this playlist?

"I chose these songs based on tunes that I thought would be suitable to be played during CNY visits and outings. There’s some upbeat ones, light hearted, chill, and some ballads too. Most importantly, all of the selections feature locally produced tracks, which shows how diverse our scene and community is. To be honest, I would have added many more tracks!"