Houg declares '7 Ain't Home', fourth single building up to debut album

Houg declares '7 Ain't Home', fourth single building up to debut album

Singaporean chillwave artist-producer Houg has released a brand new single with Japanese producer VIDEOTAPEMUSIC titled ‘7 Ain’t Home’ on the 14th of January.

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The soulful 3 minute track denotes the fourth single Houg has released, building up to his debut album The Biting Tempo -  a body of work that comprises tracks diving into the producer's lived experiences abroad, while also expounding on our relationship with time via introspection.

“With the work I was working on, I felt it was important for me to do something bold in my life e.g leaving Singapore for a period of time. However, part of my consciousness was actively convincing myself not to do it because of the associated risks,” explained Houg in a press release statement.

“‘7 Ain’t Home’ embodies that particular fear and confusion through a hypothetical journey into a bog-like lake, masked by the shroud of the night’s sky, on a dilapidated boat. The longer one is to cast doubt on to themselves through the form of passivity, the bog is not able to support the weight of the boat for too long.”

‘7 Ain’t Home’ marks the first release of the year for the artist-producer, following prior releases ‘Metro (4:35)’, ‘Excuse Me (What’s the Time?)’, and ‘Jarr’ in 2021. His album is set for release within the first quarter of 2022. 

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