Linying to debut LP, ‘There’s Still Time’, under side project ‘Doris Club’ this March

Linying to debut LP, ‘There’s Still Time’, under side project ‘Doris Club’ this March

Linying will soon unveil a new debut LP under her new moniker, Doris Club

Scheduled for release on 22 March, the LA-based Singaporean singer-songwriter’s 11-track project, titled There’s Still Time, is a compilation of reflective compositions about the teachings passed down from her mother.

Doris Club pays tribute to her mother, who has battled trigeminal neuralgia for many years. In comparison with Linying’s dream-pop-infused soundtrips in House Mouse EP in 2023, the work of Doris Club explores her appreciation for 1960s jazz, pop, and folk.

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Split into two parts, the first half of the record is more uplifting while the second half taps into more personal and philosophical topics. Presented from the perspective of a daughter trying to understand life’s uncertainties and positivity, There’s Still Time ultimately offers hope and optimism to listeners.

Linying said of her new single ‘Lily, There’s Still Time’ and forthcoming LP: “I knew this process to be true for myself long before I read any psychoanalytic theorist, and understand better now that in starting Doris Club, a project named after my mother who has suffered a debilitating neuralgia for more than half her life now, I've been trying to befriend my intuition, a practice for which she has always been a shining example, as irrational and governed by her whims I've always thought her to be."

“The notion that there's still time came to me in this song years ago, expanded itself in the making of this record, brought me a comfort long before I needed it and today, reminds me that its passage is anything but linear. In that way, there's nothing to fear,” she continued.

Check out Doris Club’s ‘The Sleeper and The Bed’ here: